Friday Letters: Fox Lake investigators ‘duped’ nobody

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Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Thursday’s editorial about the suicide of Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz proclaims “Lake County investigators owe public an apology,” yet the second paragraph says: “There is no reason for embarrassment, no cause for apology for wanting to think the best of a person.” Then it states “you were duped, for which you deserve an apology.”

Well I was not duped and no apology is necessary since I paid attention to what was said and understood that there should be no conjecture before all the evidence was examined. It’s the reporters who should apologize to the public for their lack of patience and their desire to be first with their view of the news and feed the public with their interpretations of events.

Donald Nauyokas, Gage Park

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Hire temps if teachers strike 

If the Chicago Teachers Union votes to strike, the Chicago Public Schools system has an opportunity to hire temps at greatly reduced wages and benefits and enable vouchers to be used at private and religious schools. Most importantly, CPS could look at bankruptcy after all taxing authority has been utilized, thereby allowing contracts to be renegotiated.

Thomas Cechner, Lockport

State leaders poor role models for children

This legislative session, a bipartisan bill was passed restoring civics education to help young people acquire and learn to use the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will prepare them to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives.

But as the budget impasse stretches into its fifth month, ask yourself: are current leaders of this state exemplifying competent and responsible citizenship? Students are learning powerful lessons from our state elected officials, but not positive ones.

​Lack of a budget can have life altering, if not life threatening effects on Illinois citizens. Day after day, the budget impasse negatively impacts senior services, mental health provision, after school programs, autism services, domestic violence shelters, conservation work, and services to homeless families, to name a few. An overview of the effect of the budget impasse may be found at  The League of Women Voters’ film makes the case that a responsible budget is one that contains no cuts to vital services because our elected officials can choose revenue instead.

While state officials claim to want to promote a business-friendly atmosphere, businesses that hold state contracts are finding themselves without payment. The agencies that contract with the state not only provide services but are also small businesses. Additionally, numerous families have been denied childcare assistance. When hard-working families do not have access to​  affordable childcare, many are forced to quit their jobs. The loss of revenue to the state in the form of income taxes and economic activity when jobs are reduced or cut adds to the economic crisis the state finds itself in.

The impact of the budget impasse goes beyond the cuts to​ ​state funded services​ like education, human services, health, and public safety. It also affects private industry. According to economist Mark Zandi of every $1.00 invested in public services has a return of $1.36 to the economy. When funding is cut, the local economy loses.

The League implore state leaders to pass a budget that includes sufficient revenue and no additional cuts to vital services. This needs to be done now, not when it works into a political time table.

It’s time to get down to the work of governing. We’re counting on the governor, legislative leaders, and the General Assembly to show what civics in action means. If they cannot exemplify the very basics of governing, what are they teaching our children?

Jean Pierce

League of Women Voters Central Kane County

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