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The Bulls will start Doug McDermott for the first time of his career

When the Bulls traded up to draft Doug McDermott in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft, it was with the hope that he would take a big role in their offensive production. Last year, under Tom Thibodeau, McDermott didn’t get many chances. This year, he’s become part of the regular rotation.

But that’s about to change. McDermott is making the jump from the bench to a starter Thursday night against the Thunder.

McDermott’s first career start will come in the place of the Bulls 2013 first round pick, Tony Snell.

The move seemingly comes in hopes of upping the Bulls’ offensive production. In his backup role, McDermott has still averaged 10 points a game so far on the young season. Snell, on the other hand, less than seven.

McDermott will have his hands full in his very first game as a starter. The Bulls host Oklahoma City and the high-scoring Thunder. That means McDermott will have the unfortunate task of guarding Kevin Durant on more than one occasion.