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Projections for Rizzo, Bryant and Schwarber's 2016 season already available

For the Cubs, next season just can’t start soon enough. From the moment they were eliminated in the NLCS against the Mets, Theo Epstein and the team made it clear they are ready to get back on the field.

For fans who want something more than just excitement for next season, there are predictions available for the 2016 season. The projections come from Steamer, which uses statistics and an algorithm to predict future output.

Thursday, the numbers for some of the Cubs top offensive threats, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber, were released.

For Rizzo, the numbers are a near mirror of his output this season. Considering his worth to the team this season, that’s a very good sign for the Cubs. That’s not necessarily a surprise, however, as Rizzo has established himself in the league.

The other two players are still a bit of a question mark. Predicting how a player will come back in his second season, or in Schwarber’s case his first full season, is much more difficult.

According to the projections, Schwarber has good things in his future. His average and OBP should take a step forward, while his slugging stays relatively level. Of course, this is difficult to predict, because of how pitchers will treat the young slugger going forward.

Bryant’s numbers are predicted to stay relatively the same as those of 2015, with only a miniscule step backwards. If these numbers hold true, the Cubs will be starting another offensively explosive season.