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Clutch Cube Clip: Loyola receiver makes crazy catch

There are ridiculous catches and then there are catches that are simply mind-blowing. When the No. 1 team in Illinois, Loyola, faced off against a pesky West Aurora squad in the first round of playoffs, they showed us why they’re the No. 1 team in Illinois.

Everyone knew that Loyola was great but, WOW, these Ramblers are really something. West Aurora’s defense deserves credit for the performance they put against Loyola, unfortunately, falling to their insanely talented offense.

This week, we highlight a catch made by Loyola receiver, David Terrell. Terrell’s catch to remember occurred when he managed to snag a ball after being prematurely tackled by a West Aurora cornerback. It seemed as if Terrell was surprised to find the ball land in his hands after the obvious penalty was committed.

We know the Ramblers are a tough crew to beat, but the lethal combination of skill and a bit of luck added insult to injury in this 31-0 blowout.

Check out this week’s Clutch Cube Clip and let us know what you think of this play.

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