Is Jay Cutler a ‘bro’ or ‘nerd?’

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There is probably no better talk show at tackling the tough issues in sports than “The Dan Patrick Show.”

After a segment with Andrew Luck, the question was posed if the Colts quarterback was a “nerd.”

That spawned a whole other discussion among Patrick and the Danettes as to which NFL quarterbacks are “nerds” and which are “bros.”

And with that, the bro-nerd debate raged on (some excerpts):

Russell Wilson—bro or nerd?

Patrick: “I don’t think Russell Wilson’s a nerd.”

Andrew “McLovin” Perloff: “Oh, he’s a total nerd.”

Seton O’Connor: “He’s a different class of nerd than Andrew Luck.”

Patrick: “I don’t think you can date Ciara and still be a nerd, can you?”

Jay Cutler dislike is growing — reportPatrick: “Explain to me, what’s a quarterback nerd?”

Paul Pabst: “A guy who has the world at his feet, all the money, could live it up, but probably stays in and watches film on a Saturday night. Luck does. Marcus Mariota is a future quarterback nerd. You want a quarterback nerd, though.

Patrick: “Who is not a nerd? Jay Cutler is not a nerd.”

Pabst: “Jay Cutler is definitely not. Drew Brees is not.”

Pabst: “There are two different quarterback categories—nerd and bro. Jay Cutler is definitely first-team all bro.”

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