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Jake Arrieta was given gifts from both the Cubs and the Dodgers after his no-hitter

Jake Arrieta will forever be in the history books for his no-hitter Sunday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

To commemorate the achievement, both ball clubs involved gave Arrieta some special gifts. Before Monday night’s game against the Reds, the Cubs held a ceremony for the ace pitcher.

Arrieta was presented with his framed jersey from the night before, and a framed picture. Oh yea, and a $9,800 Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec watch., according to a Carl F. Bucherer employee.

The Dodgers, however, may have one-upped the Cubs with their special gift.

As if their poor hitting performance wasn’t gift enough, the team sent over the rubber from the mound Sunday night.

In case anyone is wondering, the mound weighs roughly 60 pounds. Leave it to the guy who wears mustache pajamas to find that out.

Arrieta spent much of his afternoon on Monday and Tuesday thanking just about everyone he could on Twitter.

Arrieta is expected to be back on the mound Saturday afternoon against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

NOTE: A previous version of this post valued Arrieta’s watch from the Cubs at $5,000.