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Curtis Granderson doesn't believe we landed on the moon

Two of the biggest happenings in 1969 were the Miracle Mets and the Apollo 11 moon landing. Curtis Granderson still believes in one.

During an interview with the New York Post, the Mets outfielder said he thinks his NL East Division-leading team can win the World Series this season. The moon landing? The former UIC Flames star isn’t so sure about.

From the New York Post:

Q: You’re one of the most polished, politically correct athletes I’ve ever dealt with. Now say something controversial.

A: Let’s see … I can probably go with … I had this conversation with people — if we landed on the moon, how come we’ve never been back? I think there might be some conspiracy stuff to that.

Q: You do?

A: We haven’t been back, it’s been [43] years, technology’s all gotten better, and I’ve actually looked that one up a little bit and saw something on the NASA website and it said something that that space shuttle that was made back then is no longer made any more. They’re making one now, but it costs $30 billion to be able to go there. And we’re constantly coming back, you always hear of spaceships landing: oh, so-and-so just got back from its mission … where’d they go, you know? No one else in the world has ever been, so…

Granderson must have watched “Capricorn One,” the Stanley Kubrick film about a fake NASA mission, starring O.J. Simpson as one of the astronauts.