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Michael Jordan admits Denny Hamlin is better than him at driving

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It’s not often, if ever, you hear Michael Jordan say anyone is better than him. Well, there’s always a first.

Jordan, who is good friends with Denny Hamlin, told the NASCAR driver that if he won this week at Chicagoland Speedway, he’d concede that Hamlin is a better driver.

“Michael Jordan texted me Wednesday and said that he was in Monte Carlo and he was thinking about me,” Hamlin said. “I found that a little odd. But he told me he had never admitted that anybody was better at anything than him in his whole life and that he would admit that I’m a better driver than him if I won this week’s race.

The catch is Hamlin tore his ACL a few weeks ago playing basketball.

Despite the bad wheel, Hamlin won Sunday’s 400 at Chicagoland Speedway and earned a spot in the second round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

“So, I’m going to text him and say, ‘Admit it. I am better than you, and I want everyone to know.’ ”

I wouldn’t push it, Denny.