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Cubs still control their own destiny for Wild Card home field advantage

After dropping the final game of their series against the Brewers and the Pirates beating Colorado, the Cubs fall three games behind Pittsburgh for home field advantage in the Wild Card game.

However, with their coming three game series against the Pirates, the Cubs still control their own destiny for home field advantage.

Even before their last three games against Pittsburgh, the Cubs 10-6 record against the division foe is enough to secure the season series win.

Not that the series needed any more importance put upon it, but if the Cubs found a way to sweep Pittsburgh they would be tied for home field advantage. If both teams held form throughout the remainder of the season, he Wild Card game would head to Chicago.

The Cubs haven’t yet clinched a Wild Card spot, but have a big lead still on San Francisco. Their magic number for reaching the playoffs is only three.

With their win over the Rockies Wednesday, the Pirates secured their spot in the playoffs.