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Chris Sale suffers a rare misstep against the Yankees

From the start of his career, Chris Sale has dominated most teams that he’s faced. However, he has always been able to find a higher gear against the New York Yankees.

Sale took the mound Thursday night for the White Sox in hopes of continuing that dominance. Unfortunately, he slipped up just a little.

In the third inning, with a couple of runners already on base, Carlos Beltran hit a line drive home run.

Any home run given up by Sale is a surprise, but against the Yankees is especially surprising. To that point, Sale had only allowed one home run against the Yankees in his career, and never in New York.

In fact, scoring at all against Sale had been a near impossibility for the Yankees. Until the three-run shot, Sale had only allowed nine runs in eight appearances.

The White Sox were able to get one run back with a Trayce Thompson home run, but still trail 3-2. The Yankees haven’t had many chances since Beltran’s home run.