Lawsuit filed after CTA hit and run accident

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A man is charged with murder in connection with a shooting in Portage Park from April 4, 2021.

Sun-Times file photo

Sun-Times file photo

A lawsuit filed Friday claims a CTA bus driver was negligent when he ran over a young girl trying to board the bus and then drove away from the scene.

Iman Thompson, 16, was boarding a CTA bus near the intersection of South State and 39th Streets on Wednesday when the bus drove off with its doors open, according to the lawsuit and Benjeman Nichols, the lawyer representing the Thompson family.

Thompson fell to the pavement and was ran over by the bus, according to the lawsuit.

As a result of the accident, Thompson underwent “surgery to repair multiple pelvic fractures,” Nichols said.

Marcellett Thompson, the girl’s mother, sued the CTA and Jim Primm, the bus driver, for negligence and medical expenses.

The lawsuit claims that the CTA and Primm were negligent in driving from a stopped position with the doors open while a passenger was boarding the bus, continuing to drive after Thompson fell to the ground, and leaving the scene without “rending aid or notifying authorities.”

The CTA declined to comment.

Nichols, a lawyer for the Cavanagh Law Group, said the family also filed an emergency motion for protective order Friday asking the CTA to preserve videos and reports from the accident.

Nichols said he is seeking “justice for the family.”

The four-count lawsuit is seeking over $50,000 in damages.

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