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Miss Italy named Michael Jordan as her favorite 'Italian historical figure'

Miss Italy Alice Sabatini is being mocked once again after she followed naming 1942 as a “historical period” with another gaffe.

Via The Telegraph:

The gaffe won her a “Tapiro d’Oro” (Golden Tapir), a mock prize given out by Italian satirical news program Striscia la Notizia to celebrities who have been humiliated or defeated.

When Miss Sabatini was handed the mock prize by Valerio Staffelli, Striscia’s special correspondent, she was asked which Italian historical figure she most admired.

After a long pause the beauty queen replied: “Michael Jordan, the greatest player in basketball history”.

So, history isn’t exactly Sabatini’s strong suit. Maybe she just subscribes to the idea that Jordan is the greatest basketball player who ever lived.