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Cubs fans and players alike go crazy for Starlin Castro's walk-up song

Right now, it doesn’t take much for the Wrigley Field faithful to get on their feet and make some noise. But one opportunity in particular has the stadium all abuzz.

No, it’s not a Kris Bryant home run or a Jake Arrieta strikeout. It’s Starlin Castro’s walk-up song.

Over roughly the last month, not coincidentally during the same stretch of time that Castro’s bat has caught fire, fans at Wrigley have started clapping and cheering along as Castro’s walk-up song “Ando En La Versace” blares through the speakers.

It wasn’t long ago that a sprinkling of boos could be heard as the middle infielder approached the plate. Now it’s one of the most energetic moments of the game.

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It’s not just the fans who are getting into the song. Players both in the dugout and in the bullpen are clapping along and cheering just like the guy sitting in the 400 section.

According to’s Cubs reporter Carrie Muskat, even opposing players can’t help but feel the energy.

Unlike Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber, Castro’s song never changes from one at-bat to another. When Castro asked to start using a rotation of songs, the team’s music coordinator wouldn’t let him. The song was just too popular.

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“I told him, ‘I don’t want that song anymore,'” Castro said. “‘I’ll give you another song.'”

The response? No way.

“He told me, ‘That’s the song the fans love,'” Castro recalled.

At the rate he’s hit the ball over the last month, the fans at Wrigley will only love the song more and more.

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