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Bears’ Vic Fangio unimpressed with Week 1 pass rush

Leonard Floyd had half a sack against the Texans. (AP)

After the Bears recorded two sacks of Brock Osweiler and hurried the Texans quarterback five more times, Vic Fangio was unimpressed.

Justifiably so.

“You know, it was average,” the defensive coordinator said Thursday at Halas Hall. “There were a couple times where the quarterback scrambled to convert some third downs, which hurt, so we need to be better there.”

Particularly, Monday against rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. While he handled pressure well in his NFL debut, he’ll be an easier target than the Texans quarterback.

Despite playing 48 snaps Sunday, starting outside linebacker Willie Young showed up on the stat sheet once — with a neutral zone infraction.

“I think Willie is capable of better, and we need him to be better,” Fangio said.

As for surprise starter Leonard Floyd, Fangio was muted — “He was about what I expected,” he said — one week after criticizing the No. 9 overall pick’s conditioning. Floyd, who had a sack-half, played 60 snaps, or 80 percent of the Bears’ total. Fangio said that was probably too much.

The Bears played enough short series, though, that there wasn’t a need to substitute in someone new for the rookie, Fangio said.

“I think for the most part he was doing what he was supposed to be doing,” Fangio said. “He played hard, he’s capable of playing better but the only way you’re going to get better is to play. So he’s a young guy and he needs to be out there playing.

Floyd, who had a half-sack in debut, is probably strongest in pass coverage, Fangio said.

“To go on the road and play and to play against a good team like that,” Fangio said. “I think he handled himself emotionally well. He’ll play better the more he plays.”