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Boarding changes underway at CTA’s Wilson Red Line station

The CTA announced a new organization of the Red Line Wilson station Tuesday. | CTA map

The CTA announced changes to the Wilson Red Line station this week, marking the halfway point of the ongoing renovation project at the Uptown transit hub.

Trains in both directions will now use the new west island platform, which is longer and wider than the previous platform, and offers more shelter from the weather, according to the CTA.

Customers can access the new platform from the two temporary entrances on Wilson — the main entrance on the south side of the street, or the auxiliary entrance on the north side of the street, which is not staffed and requires a farecard for entry — while construction continues, according to the CTA.

The Gerber entrance, and the auxiliary entrance and exit south of Wilson, will close permanently, along with the old northbound platform.

The changes are part of the $203 million Wilson Station Reconstruction Project, announced in 2012 and now more than halfway done, according to the CTA. The project will create a new modern station, and fully rebuild all track structure next to the station.

“CTA customers who use the Wilson station are already noticing the changes occurring from this remarkable project, which is creating a modern, accessible station in the heart of Chicago’s Uptown that will better serve them and also help generate economic development in the historic neighborhood,” CTA President Dorval Carter Jr said in a statement.

The project is expected to be completed in late 2017.