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Man charged with attacking driver and ordering dog to bite him

Arthur Williams | Evanston Police Dept.

When a driver honked his horn at a man walking in front of his vehicle in north suburban Evanston, the pedestrian kicked the car, opened the door and started beating the driver, then ordered his dog to bite him.

Arthur Williams, 47, of Evanston was charged Thursday with misdemeanor battery for the March 3 incident in the 1200 block of Forest Avenue, according to Evanston police.

A 65-year-old Chicago man told police he driving his vehicle on Burnham Place, and attempting to make a right turn onto Forest with the green arrow, according to police.

Williams who was walking his dog, then crossed in front of the vehicle, police said.

The victim said he “honked his horn at Williams, at which point Williams kicked the victim’s vehicle, opened the driver’s side door and began to batter the victim,” police said. “The victim was ultimately pulled out of the vehicle and bit in the groin and left hand by the dog that Williams was walking, after Williams gave the dog a verbal command to bite the victim.”

Williams and the dog walked away along Forest Avenue, and the driver was treated at the scene by paramedics. He suffered scratch marks on his torso and left hand, and puncture wounds to his thigh area, police said.

Police later got a tip that Williams was the man with the dog, and he turned himself in at the police department on Thursday, police said. He was charged with misdemeanor battery.