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No Shot Clock, Ep. 79: State tournament preview

Joe Henricksen and Michael O’Brien’s weekly Chicago high school basketball podcast.

We have arrived at the final weekend of the season. The podcast starts out with our Two Takes. Then we take a look back at last Friday’s sectional finals and Tuesday’s supersectional games.

We wrap things up with an in-depth preview of the Class 3A and Class 4A state tournament this weekend in Peoria. You can probably guess where that leads: more talk about Peoria and the state tournament and what should be done.

-Will the Class 4A semis be blowouts?

-Henricksen raves about Belleville West, plenty of EJ Liddell talk

-Breaking down Young’s upset of Simeon

-Can anyone give Morgan Park a game?

-The rise of Larkin and Marian Catholic

-State predictions

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