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Joakim Noah hangs out with old pals Luol Deng, Ben Gordon in Instagram photo

Joakim Noah and Luol Deng may not be teammates anymore, but they're still friends. | Tom Cruze/Sun-Times

Fans of those fun Bulls teams from the late 2000s will get a kick of the photo that Joakim Noah posted to his Instagram account Thursday afternoon. The Knicks center was hanging out with Luol Deng and Ben Gordon, making it a reunion of three of the most important players from that era of Chicago basketball.

In the caption, Noah says that wearing a Bulls jersey was “a very special time in my life” and that he “formed a special bond beyond hoopin” with Gordon and Deng. Anyone who saw the way these three battled for each other in the 2009 playoff series against the Celtics, where they pushed the defending champions to a Game 7, knows how unique that team was.

Now Noah is on the Knicks, Deng on the Lakers, and Gordon is retired after a failed comeback in the G-League last year. Time flies, huh?