Watch Cubs fans’ gender reveal go horribly wrong

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A couple of Cubs fans’ gender reveal went horribly wrong. | Courtesy of Jeffrey Habjan/Twitter

Let’s tee this gender reveal up as a swing and a miss.

Gender reveals are all the rage for whatever reason, and a couple of Cubs fans are the latest to have their “creative” reveal go horribly wrong.

Two Cubs fans held their gender-reveal party on a sidewalk near Wrigley Field. They went for the cliche “hit a ball filled with blue or pink powder” reveal.

But as time came for the woman to actually throw a ball, let’s just say she threw like White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito, who walked seven batters on Sunday.

The woman threw the ball way too high, causing the male batter to try to either catch the ball and prevent it from exploding or swing in a helicopter motion to whack the ball. Unfortunately, the man did both and failed miserably, which resulted in the ball rupturing on the concrete with blue powder flying everywhere.

Jeffrey Habjan, who claims he was passing by the party, recorded the epic fail and shared it on Twitter on Sunday.

Watch it below:

This couple is the latest baseball-related gender reveal to go wrong.

A different couple did a softball version of the reveal and the man swung and miss a fast ball down the center.

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