On ‘SNL,’ Kenan Thompson delivers insta-impression of royal wedding preacher

SHARE On ‘SNL,’ Kenan Thompson delivers insta-impression of royal wedding preacher

Bishop Michael Curry (Kenan Thompson, right) is interviewed by Michael Che on “Saturday Night Live.” | NBC

Reacting quickly to the instant stardom of Chicago preacher Michael Curry, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Kenan Thompson had an impression of the royal wedding sermonizer worked up in time for the show’s season finale later that night.

Thompson played up the cheery tone and demonstrative body language of the American Episcopal bishop during an appearance on Weekend Update.

Asked about speaking to the mostly white crowd of wedding guests, the faux Curry replied, “It was like somebody opened up a chicken-’n’-waffles kiosk in the middle of a Pottery Barn. … I thought, ‘Lord help me, this must be what it’s like to be Darius Rucker.’ ”

Up until Saturday, he said, aggressively licking his lips, “the biggest wedding I ever did was for Scottie Pippen!”

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