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‘Zebra Sisters’ discuss growing home ownership gap

Leslie Baldacci (left) and Mary Mitchell, of the Zebra Sisters podcast, in the Chicago Sun-Times sound booth, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

In the latest episode of “Zebra Sisters,” a podcast about race relations hosted by Mary Mitchell and Leslie Baldacci, the hosts discuss the “disturbing” gap between white and black home ownership.

The problem is prevalent in Chicago, where whites are twice as likely to own homes as African-Americans, according to the Dearborn Realtists Board. Chicago’s home ownership gap is the largest in the country, Crain’s Chicago Business has reported.

For more information, the hosts turn to Courtney Jones, president of Dearborn Realtist Board, the oldest African-American real estate trade association in the country, to find out what can be done to close the gap.

Then, they discuss the unsettling rise of incidents in which white people have called the police on black people for just being in their vicinity. The hosts share their thoughts on why this has been happening, and Mary explains why she thinks these incidents are dangerous for black people.

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