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Cubs wives practice for upcoming charity softball game against Brewers wives

Jaye Maddon and several other Cubs' wives are playing the Brewers' wives in a charity softball game next week. | Matt Marton/Associated Press
Video by Madeline Kenney

The wives and girlfriends of Cubs players are stepping up to the plate to raise money for Cubs Charities next week.

Before the Cubs face off against the Brewers on Tuesday, several Cubs spouses are participating in the “Wives Softball Challenge,” which is a charity softball game between the significant others of Cubs and Brewers players.

Manager Joe Maddon’s wife, Jaye Maddon, participated in a similar charity game when the Maddons lived in Tampa, Florida. Cubs outfielder Albert Almora’s wife, Krystal Almora, said she’s eager to be a part of this year’s game.

“This is something we’ve all wanted to do for a very long time,” Almora said before Wednesday’s practice at Kerry Wood’s Field. “The fact that we have this opportunity and that it’s for charity, I think it all fits perfectly.”

Jaye believes the Brewers are the ideal candidate for this game because of the two teams’ National League rivalry. She also is confident that Cubs fans will be well represented at the game because they “travel well” to Milwaukee.

This is the first-ever game between the two teams’ wives and it will be played at Helfaer Field, which is located just outside of Miller Park in Milwaukee. Tickets cost $32 and all the proceeds will benefit the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI), MLB’s charity designed to promote baseball and softball in urban environments.

While the winner doesn’t receive extra money for their team’s RBI program, Almora said there’s still a lot on the line including bragging rights and pride.