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Waukegan man arrested after violating probation for 2015 drug death

Electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. | Sun-Times file photo

A man on probation for a 2015 drug death in north suburban Waukegan has been re-arrested after cutting off his ankle monitor last month.

Andrew C. Wikoff, 38, of Waukegan, was initially charged in September of 2015 with drug-induced homicide for a death that March, according to Waukegan police and the Lake County sheriff’s office.

Andrew C. Wikoff | Lake County sheriff’s office
Andrew C. Wikoff | Lake County sheriff’s office

Wikoff was convicted and sentenced to three years of probation in September of 2016, according to Lake County court records.

He was required to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet as part of his probation, the sheriff’s office said. Arrest warrants were issued charging him with escape and failure to appear in court.

He was arrested again Tuesday at a home in north suburban Beach Park, according to the sheriff’s office. He is being held at the Lake County Jail on $750,000 bail.

Police did not provide additional information about the victim or the circumstances of the death.