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‘What’s My Name’ trailer: HBO releases new look at Muhammad Ali documentary

Muhammad Ali is greeting by fans in Zaire in 1974. | AP Photo

A two-part HBO documentary chronicling the life and accomplishments of boxing icon Muhammad Ali will be coming to the network next month, according to a new trailer released this weekend.

“What’s My Name,” which is directed by Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”) and produced by LeBron James, will air both its chapters back-to-back on May 14. Check out an early look at the documentary, which looks like it’ll be a comprehensive look at Ali’s impact as an athlete and social activist:

“What’s My Name” will use recording of Ali’s voice to help narrate archival footage from his remarkable life inside and outside of the boxing ring. The first chapter will focus on his rise to prominence as Cassius Clay, conversion to Islam under the guidance of Malcolm X and his refusal to join the United States military to fight in Vietnam.

The second chapter will dig into his career resurgence and work as a philanthropist around the globe.

“Anybody who is doing the right thing, they catch a lot of Hell,” Ali says in narration at the opening of the trailer. “You cannot please God and the devil, too.”

“What’s My Name” will debut on HBO at 8 p.m. ET on May 14.