In Wisconsin, we don’t lie except after fishing — and we’ll do our part on Election Day

We are brothers and sisters united in the promise and work that have made America shine.

SHARE In Wisconsin, we don’t lie except after fishing — and we’ll do our part on Election Day

A boy fishing in Wisconsin

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Regarding your open letter to Wisconsin last week:

Yup, Wisconsin, the mighty Midwest, this country and our planet are far better than deserving of four more years of Trump.

We love our Earth. We care about each other. We lie to each other only in deer camps and after going out fishing, but those don’t count.

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We honor veterans and active service people. All the good policemen and firefighters and first responders have our support at fundraisers, any time we can.

We care about our neighbors, those who need help financially or in spirit. We give, not defining ourselves with bankruptcy and tax loopholes.

We honor women and people who are a bit different in wonderous ways. We appreciate good education and work our butts off to inspire and support those who may need help. We crave unity while also celebrating our diversity. We read the Bible and seek to hold it as it should be held — upright, with reverence, not as a prop amid tear gas.

There’s more, Illinois, but you already know that we have a real nice place up here in Wisconsin. We make cheese and beer and support good candidates. We trust the leaders who listen to what science reports, and we don’t assume that every public servant dwells in some swamp, is somehow automatically evil.

We are brothers and sisters united in the promise and work that have made America shine. No one person should be able to take that from us with silly fears, mockery and name-calling, with a slippery slide of red herrings and fake realities.

We’ll be ready, come November.

Lynn Kuhns, Winneconne, Wisconsin

The drunk who walks away

So Donald Trump is lucky enough to have the greatest health care in the world and demands that he be let out of the hospital after three days, though he’s still contagious, and then has the gall to say, “Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

Trump is back to his irresponsible ways. He’s like a drunk driver who causes a fatal accident but walks away unscathed and says, “See. I told you I could drive.”

Kevin Coughlin, Evanston

The ironies of selfishness

Donald Trump has so many doctors looking after his health, yet he’s the one who put himself at risk of COVID-19 by ignoring all medical advice that everyone wear a mask. I guess he thought that was “fake” news. How ironic that he also wants to take away the only shred of insurance that some people have, Obamacare, even as he has all the insurance in the world.

He cares for himself. Others, not so much.

Connie Orland, Plainfield

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