Our flag belongs to every American, not just Trump’s supporters

No one should refrain from flying our flag because a few people might think it’s a sign of being a Trump supporter.

SHARE Our flag belongs to every American, not just Trump’s supporters
A young child holds an American flag.

A young child holds an American flag. No one should stop flying the flag because Trump supporters do so, a reader writes.

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I would like to comment on Cress Hudspeth’s recent letter regarding our American flag. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Hudspeth for his service to our country and to his family for their sacrifice. I mean that sincerely.

That said, and no disrespect here to Mr. Hudspeth, I am perplexed at his decision to NOT fly the flag on Veteran’s Day or any other day for that matter.

To say that “It has been made clear to me that Trump supporters have appropriated the symbol of this great nation as theirs and theirs alone” is just wrong. I think many people in this country would be devastated and insulted that Mr. Hudspeth or any veteran would think that about them. (Biden & Trump supporters both.)

Mr. Hudspeth or anyone else should never refrain from flying our flag because of what a few would think. It goes against what he and his comrades fought for. Despite the political landscape at this time, and one’s political beliefs, this is our country, and we should all stand up for it, proudly and with no reservations.

John LaBrant, Norwood Park

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A COVID Thanksgiving

In your survey about Thanksgiving plans (“How Chicagoans plan to celebrate their COVID Thanksgiving: ‘very carefully, very graciously and very thankfully’ ”), some people talk about fear, proclaiming that they’re going to live their lives without fear, or that they don’t “live in fear.”

One person boasts of planning a 25-person gathering complete with evening bonfire. So when you’re crossing a street, is stopping at a red light giving in to fear? That little coronavirus is as dangerous as any 18-wheeler truck that might be barreling your way.

Even if doesn’t “hit” you, you could give it to someone else, and it could be deadly for them. Please, friends and neighbors, be safe.

Diane O’Neill, Lakeview

Clean Energy Act for all

During a constituent lobby effort for the Clean Energy Jobs Act, Senate Leader Don Harmon rightly expressed concern for the welfare of the people and communities dependent on the coal, gas and nuclear power jobs being replaced by renewable energy, leaving them high and dry.

In fact, CEJA allocates up to $133 million for these communities.

A complete transition to renewable (solar and wind) power is inevitable and is now being driven by market forces.

With CEJA, all boats rise. Without this legislation, the very communities referenced by Mr. Harmon will not receive state support during this unavoidable abandonment of fossil fuels. CEJA gives some assurance these communities won’t be abandoned as well.

Scott Reed, Galewood


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