Biden, like Grandpa, steps back in to save the family business

If Biden is a safe vote, so be it. It’s been about four years since I’ve been able to sleep at night.

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Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Campaigns In Mississippi

Presidential candidate Joe Biden

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Regarding your editorial endorsement of Joe Biden, I must say that I do feel safe voting for him among all the Democrats running. If that’s a safe vote, so be it. It’s been about four years since I’ve been able to sleep at night. 

Joe’s little gaffes don’t bother me. It’s as if Mom and Dad screwed up the family business and Grandpa has to come out of retirement and fix everything. Then he’ll hand it over to the grandkids.

Todd Simmons, Tucson Arizona

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Stop blaming Trump for virus

Stop putting the blame for the spread of the coronavirus on President Donald Trump and the government. The coronavirus, like all viruses, evolved over years, and there is always an unfamiliarity with how to control a virus and how treat people for it in the very beginning.

All new viruses can create uncertainty, which leads to false information and hysteria. I’m not a specialist on viruses, nor is Trump, but let the experts work on the problem — and quit pointing the finger at Trump.

If you want to blame anybody, blame China.

John Moravecek, Naperville

Nero fiddles

Who would have thought? One thousand, nine hundred and twenty years later, we have our very own Nero. 

Leonard Hall, LaGrange

Right-wing radio propaganda

Years ago, Republicans realized how effective political propaganda could be and began acquiring radio stations. Today, conservative talk shows totally dominate talk radio. The only progressive station in the Chicago area has a weak signal.

Programming on these conservative shows features non-stop pro-Trump propaganda, following right-wing talking points from the White House and the Republican National Committee. This not a complaint but an explanation as to why President Trump, despite his behavior, questionable actions, lies, massive increases in deficit spending and the almost daily turmoil in his administration, retains a rather high favorable rating with voters.

This and the fact that Democrats do not have a fresh face with fresh ideas to offer as an alternative.

Victor Darst, Huntley

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