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We really need to get it right on improving the Eisenhower Expressway

The Ike needs some major repairs and upgrades. But let’s spend the money wisely and find solutions to real problems that will have a noticeable impact on travel time and driver aggravation.

Eisenhower Expressway
Few cars could be seen traveling inbound on the Eisenhower Expressway, I-290, from the overpass at South Leavitt Street, shortly before 2 p.m. on April 6, 2020.
Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times

It’s ironic that House Speaker Chris Welch cited “being stopped by the Hillside strangler” — referencing a chokepoint on the expressway that runs through his hometown — as the reason for being late to a press conference held to promote spending billions on improving the Eisenhower Expy.

The last time this kind of taxpayer money was spent on this vital east-west corridor, the purpose was to fulfill then-new Gov. George Ryan’s pledge to eliminate the Hillside strangler. Billions were spent, but the strangler was not eliminated. It was merely moved a few miles east with little impact on travel times.

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The Ike needs some major repairs and upgrades, but this time, let’s spend the money wisely and find solutions to real problems that will have a noticeable impact on travel time and driver aggravation. Let’s not blow the money making a feint toward delivering on the grandiose promises of politicians.

Mark M. Quinn, Naperville

Aldi’s departure

It was heartbreaking to read in the Sun-Times about how the community of East Garfield Park is being impacted by Aldi’s closure.

Many grocery stores across the country have harmed communities by not only closing, but also by leaving restrictive covenants on the properties that block other grocery stores from moving in for as long as 20-plus years.

These are often the only grocery stores in the communities, meaning that the residents — who are often Black, Brown, Indigenous, elderly and/or low income — are left without access to healthful foods.

I hope that the East Garfield Park Aldi has not left a restrictive covenant on the property, since that would harm the community even more. Companies such as Aldi must stop leaving communities without grocery stores.

Amanda Farman, campaigns associate, Food Empowerment Project

Griffin vs. Pritzker

If billionaire Ken Griffin thinks Gov. J.B. Pritzker is not doing a “good” job, then he should step up and run for governor. We don’t need another rich guy pulling strings behind the scene.

Griffin should run and put his money where his mouth is. Step up and show us how to do it, Ken.

Warren Rodgers Jr., Matteson