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Aaron Rodgers joins bitcoin parade

Packers quarterback will take part of his salary in crypto as part of a promotion.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is upping his bitcoin game.
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is upping his bitcoin game.
Rick Scuteri/AP

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the latest professional athlete to join the cryptocurrency rage.

And he’s giving a chunk of the digital loot away to his fans.

In a Twitter post Monday afternoon, Rodgers announced he had teamed with Cash App to take a portion of his NFL salary in bitcoin.

“Bitcoin to the moon,” Rodgers exclaimed.

Dressed in a John Wick Halloween costume (which was apparently why Rodgers grew out his hair), Rodgers added that he’s giving out $1 million in bitcoin away in conjunction with Cash App.

“Bitcoin is a new concept. It can be intimidating. To make it more accessible to my fans, I’m giving away $1 million worth of bitcoin right now.”

Rodgers joins other NFL players such as Russell Okung and Trevor Lawrence who have a portion of their salary paid in bitcoin.

Rodgers did not reveal how much of his $33.5 million salary would be paid in bitcoin.