Marjorie Taylor Greene should visit Auschwitz before she says another word

Perhaps that would alter the perspective of the congresswoman from Georgia on the persecution of Jews and others during Hitler’s reign.

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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, recently likened a requirement that members of Congress where COVID-19 masks to Nazi laws that Jews in Germany wear yellow stars.


Marjorie Taylor Greene should be required to tour Auschwitz. Perhaps that would alter her perspective on the persecution of Jews and others during Adolf Hitler’s reign.

Have Greene view the cases of hair sheared from the victims and the hundreds of shoes confiscated, including the tiny, toddler-sized ones. Require her to contemplate the deplorable conditions under which these human beings were forced to live.

Greene should have to hear about how victims of the Nazi death camp felt that one of the best jobs was cleaning the latrines of human waste because at least then they got to stay inside. I am not Jewish, but when I toured Auschwitz I literally cried. I could not fathom how human beings could treat other human beings this way.

I really think Marjorie Taylor Greene should experience this before she says another thing on this subject.

Regina Gomory, Crystal Lake

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About that DuSable Drive

I understand that it would cost at least $2.5 million to change the name of Lake Shore Drive to DuSable Drive. It seems to me that the taxpayers’ money would be better spent on improving Du Sable High School and increasing safety for Chicago`s school children.

Peter V. Grafner, Edgebrook

Sox wrong to dump Loretta’s Lounge

So typical of the White Sox’ crass insensitivity to their own fans. I’m talking about the organization’s despicable act of changing the name of Loretta’s Lounge, a seating area at Guaranteed Rate Field, to LaRussa’s Lounge. As if Sox manager Tony LaRussa needs any more recognition.

Apparently, honoring a devoted employee who worked at the Comiskey Park for 60 year, Loretta Micele, had an expiration date. The Sox deemed the calcified current manager to be more worthy. Every year, Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and his minions further test this lifelong Sox fan’s allegiance. I remain devoted to the team, but the organization lost my support in 1981.

Jim Morris, Evanston

Getting real about the filibuster

I know Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has to walk a fine line in a Senate in which Democrats have only the slimmest practical majority. But the time has come for Schumer to let Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, of Arizona, know that the the party’s patience is wearing really thin when it comes to Republican use of the filibuster. 

You can blame Senate Republicans and Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell all you want, but Manchin and Sinema have to share the blame for the failure to establish a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. Had there been no filibuster rule, which those two senators continue to defend, the bill to create a commission would have passed.

Schumer needs to tell Manchin and Sinema that if you can’t get 10 Republican senators to support something like this, you’re not going to get a sufficient number of Republicans to support any major item on President Joe Biden’s agenda. To think there might be bipartisan support for other things is naive.

A lot of Democrats are angry with Manchin and Sinema, including this Democrat.

Herb Vermaas, Salem, Illinois

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