Put a cork in it, progressives, and let Joe Biden do his job

Pushing radical changes for which there is no mandate just hands an opportunity to the Republicans.

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U.S. Rep. Chuy García, D-Illinois, speaking at a “We Cant Wait Rally” on the National Mall on Thursday, calls for the Biden administration to act boldly on citizenship for undocumented residents, climate justice and health care.


Progressives should just stop. Put a cork in it for a while and let President Joe Biden do his job.

Wake up to the reality that Biden has a razor-thin margin with which to get things done and that progressives’ incessant whining about him not doing enough is unhelpful. Proposing radical changes for which there is no public mandate just disturbs potentially supportive voters and hands an opportunity to the Republicans.

You want big changes? Fine. Rustle up a mandate in the 2022 elections, and I’m sure that the president will be pleased to take it for a spin around the block to see what can be done with it.

Until then, remember that you have a seat at the table, but not the one at the head of the table.

Curt Fredrikson, Mokena

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Time wasted on a street name

So much time and energy has been spent in an effort to change the name of Lake Shore Drive to honor Jean Point DuSable. Meanwhile, other more important issues are not being adequately addressed.

We have DuSable Museum and DuSable High School. DuSable’s historic connection to Chicago has not been ignored and should be included in our history books. But greater attention should be directed toward preventing the gun violence, carjackings and other crime in Chicago. People are more concerned with their safety and well being than the name of a scenic route they travel on.

Alma Battle, Roseland

DuSable quit town, too

People, you do realize that Jean Baptiste Point DuSable did the same thing a lot of Chicagoans are doing today? He left. He moved away. And DuSable no more “discovered” or “settled” Chicago than Christopher Columbus discovered or settled America.

Only a city on the slide would take one of its few iconic brands — Lake Shore Drive — and throw it away. But, hey, when you have as few problems as we do — crime, taxes, declining school enrollment, crumbling infrastructure — best to address something that’s not broken.

Where is the courage of the mayor or the aldermen to simply say this is dumb and unnecessary?

William Choslovsky, Lincoln Park

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