Patriots? Patriots only in a nation of one

You could explore 100 stores in Toronto, where I live, and not find a single soul without a mask. Vaccine take-up has been robust and embraced in general.

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The Toronto skyline


That was a fascinating and well-written piece by Gene Lyons on vaccine deniers. May I add an observation from a distance?

You could explore 100 stores in Toronto today and not find a single soul without a mask. Vaccine take-up has been very robust and has been embraced in general.

We have a society in Toronto filled with conservatives and those who believe that government interference is to be avoided. But all political views have been largely set aside in deference to science and, ultimately, the health and safety of the community.

Freedom. Rights. Liberty. Those are overused American words often used by “patriots.”

Trouble is, the words “responsibility” and “duty” have been forgotten. Hypocrisy and selfishness rule when “personal freedom” means more than the lives health and safety of your neighbors, friends and coworkers. Patriots? Patriotic to a country of one!

Scott Cathcart, Toronto

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Improving America’s child care system

The pandemic has shown how much our nation is really lagging on access to child care. It’s been heartbreaking to see how many families are struggling, and now, with the Delta variant, things are getting worse.

Too many families can’t find or afford child care. And on top of it, early childhood educators are being paid poverty-level wages and struggling to support their own families.

It’s clear that it’s not enough to go back to what we used to have. We need our leaders to confront and commit to resolving the child care crisis and build a high-quality, affordable child-care system that works for babies, kids, families, educators and our communities.

Making a substantial and sustained investment in America’s child-care system is a big step in the right direction, and one that should be a top priority for each and every member of Congress. Our elected leaders should do everything in their power to end America’s child care crisis once and for all.

Stacy Goldschen, Gurnee

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