Telephone conversation between Michael McClain and Anne Pramaggiore | ComEd Exhibit 63-T

Michael McClain and Anne Pramaggiore discuss Juan Ochoa.

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CASE TITLE: United States v. McClain, et al.


ACTIVITY: Telephone conversation between Michael McClain and Anne Pramaggiore

DATE: July 17, 2018

TIME: 8:52 a.m.


PRAMAGGIORE: Um, yeah, hey the reason I called was I, um, so I talked to Chris yesterday and um, we’re moving forward with Juan Ochoa. So, that’s a positive. Um, what he asked me to do, and I talked to Tom, uh, yesterday, uh late afternoon. But I think what we’re going to do is, um, I’m just gonna confirm that, you know, that uh, this can be, uh, communicated to Juan. Um, Chris wanted me to set up a dinner for Joe and Juan, um-


PRAMAGGIORE: So, I’m gonna (cough) put that in motion. Um, but I’m gonna just, I’m gonna check with Tom today and just get the protocol for, you know, who oughta be calling Juan to let him know. Um, you know, then I’ll set up the dinner with Joe and, you know, we’ll sort of put the, the, you know, the program together, the, the process together about how, you know, timing wise when he comes on and that sort of thing. So, we have a board meeting Thursday so it’s probably next quarter when um, you know, would be his first meeting.


PRAMAGGIORE: Which gives us plenty of time to get him, you know, sittin’ down with, with Joe.

MCCLAIN: Right, right.


MCCLAIN: So, is, is this, um, formal enough that I can tell our friend or do you want me to hold off a little?-


MCCLAIN: Oh, okay.

PRAMAGGIORE: Yep, you can tell him, yep.

MCCLAIN: (Coughs.) Okay, excuse me, thank you. I will.

PRAMAGGIORE: Yeah, yep. So.


PRMAGGIORE: Yeah. That one was a little, you know, took a little bit, but um, yeah. We’re all good.-

MCCLAIN: -It’s interesting though uh, the um, how long some things take. Isn’t it, Anne?

PRAMAGGIORE: Yeah. Well and, you know, it’s interesting, you know, I’m getting a little more of a read on the culture and psyche of the Exelon corporate world, which is very different than ComEd. But you kind of have to cut through it. One of the things that’s very, going to be very helpful I think is I’m, you know, a door down from Chris.


PRAMAGGIORE: And, I have much more access than I had before because, you know, like any organization would do, things get filtered to Chris.


PRAMAGGIORE: And the people who are controlling, and Chris gets it, you know? When I go to Chris and we talk about these things like, he gets it. When I gotta go through Bill and other people, you know, Tom even, and I don’t really go through him so much, but he is the general counsel so stuff does, you know, by, by its nature filter through. It’s just, you know, it’s uh, there’s just a different, you know, it’s different. So, um, the uh, the proximity will be helpful.

MCCLAIN: Yeah, that’s great. It’s great.


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