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Chicago police have made arrests in fewer and fewer crimes in recent years. The decline mirrors a drop in nearly every category of officers’ activity tracked by the Chicago Police Department.
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Two years after Mayor Lightfoot slammed Supt. David Brown for a Memorial Day weekend “bloodbath,” her office struck a different tone — even though more people were shot this year.
Shell casings and at least 97 evidence markers could be seen scattered in the street and around the corner outside Daniel Webster Elementary School. A police source said three different types of bullets were used in the firefight, including a caliber used in AK-47s and other rifles.
Shootings have been rising downtown for much of the year. The 18th police district, where the shooting occurred, has logged the most homicides in 17 years and the most shootings since at least 2010.
The mayor and other city officials have attributed this year’s downtick in violence to an initiative that has flooded 15 communities with new resources. Crime experts say that’s premature.
Una portavoz de la policía no proporcionó de inmediato una lista de las 55 zonas que están siendo vigiladas.
With shootings and homicides both down after a historically violent 2021, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said the department is now prioritizing 55 police beats that account for half the violence in the city.
Chicago Police Supt. David Brown set a goal of 1.5 million such interactions this year. The Illinois attorney general’s office already likened the initiative to a “quota system” that’s “rife with significant downsides.”