Jesse Howe

Data Visualization Developer
A Sun-Times analysis finds the number of violent crimes on L and subway trains and CTA buses has risen to a level not seen since 2011, despite ridership declines during the pandemic.
Chicago police have made arrests in fewer and fewer crimes in recent years. The decline mirrors a drop in nearly every category of officers’ activity tracked by the Chicago Police Department.
See live updating results for the 2022 Illinois primary elections once the polls close at 7 p.m.
Tracing the path of devastation caused by the Great Chicago Fire.
The deadliest tornado hit on April 21, 1967, traveling through Oak Lawn and the South Side of Chicago, killing 33 and injuring 500.
Based on the newly released videos and audio, as well as original reporting, this shows the slowly-changing narrative involving Toledo’s death.
It might not have been forever, but for those of us having to shovel again and again for weeks, it felt like it at times: 25 days, from Jan. 31 through Feb. 24.