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Bears playing a virtual home game in St. Louis

The Bears are playing their second in back-to-back road games Sunday against the Rams. But for the second straight week, the Bears will have a warm welcome from the crowd.

Last week Bears fans in San Diego all but took over the stadium, being at least as loud as Chargers fans. That may again be the case in St. Louis because of a schedule quirk with the Blackhawks playing in St. Louis Saturday night.

With St. Louis just an afternoon’s drive from Chicagoland, fans went south in droves. Chicago fans made their presence known Saturday as they erupted in cheers after a Blackhawks goal. Following the game, Blackhawks fans were already turning their focus to the Bears.

The Rams and Chargers have a similarity that will also help turn the crowd in the Bears favor. Both teams have upset their fan base with talks of moving to Los Angeles.