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Martellus Bennett says Jimmy Graham 'can't block worth s***'

On Thursday, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett made it clear that he was questioning his role in the Bears’ offense.

Upon comparing himself to some of the other top tight ends in the NFL, Bennett took a shot at Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham.

“Jimmy can’t block worth s***,” Bennett said. He then went on to say “Julius [Thomas] doesn’t block nobody, Gates doesn’t really block anybody, but they do a great job in the passing game.”

Bennett pointed out that the system a tight end is in decides what he will be asked to do.

For Bennett, he is asked to catch passes and to block — two things he does very well.

After so much time in the trenches getting ugly, it’s not hard to understand the Black Unicorn’s want for more passes coming his way while he’s out on routes.