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If not for the Packers, Jay Cutler is a pretty good QB

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If you throw out his performances against the Packers, one could argue that Jay Cutler is a very good NFL quarterback (despite what Steve Young says).

No, seriously.

Windy City Gridiron’s Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. worked the numbers, and they’re eye-opening.

Cutler against the NFL minus the Packers: 61W-48L (.560), 2,186 for 3,511 (62.3%), 25,342 yards, 170 TDs (4.8%), 108 Ints (3.1%), 87.4 passer rating

By comparison, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, who called Sunday’s Bears-Packers game for Fox, put up these career numbers: 94W-71L (.569), 2898 for 4175 (61.5%), 32,942 yards, 165 TDs (3.5%), 141 Ints (3.0%), 81.6 passer rating. Note: Aikman also has three Super Bowl rings.

Wiltfong points out that the Packers have had a winning record every year Cutler has faced them, averaging 11.7 wins.

Here are Cutler’s stats in 13 games (including playoffs) vs. the Packers: 1W-12L (.077), 243 for 424 (57.3%), 2,986 yards, 16 TDs (3.8%), 24 Ints (5.7%), 66.1 passer rating.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers is 13-3 against the Bears, has completed almost 70 percent of his passes, has 37 TDs and 8 picks, and has averaged a passer rating of 140.5 in his last three outings.