Brett Favre becomes the punchline in NBC Sports video about Bears-Packers rivalry

The Superfans explain their version of the rivalry’s history.

SHARE Brett Favre becomes the punchline in NBC Sports video about Bears-Packers rivalry

The Bears Superfans gave Brett Favre a lesson in the Bears-Packers rivalry.

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You just knew “Da Bears!” guys were going to get even for that “double doink” punchline, and they’ve done it at the expense of Brett Favre, who has a hard time keeping a straight face.

“Sunday Night Football” has released a follow-up to last week’s promo that showed Bill Swerski’s Superfans of “Saturday Night Live” fame getting their first look at a cute Chicago Bears kicking doll that they quickly discovered was being sold in Green Bay to make fun of the “double doink” kick that ended Chicago’s playoff run last year.

In the new spot, they’re chowing down on ribs and swigging beer outside Soldier Field in Chicago when the legendary Packers quarterback stops by to talk about the rich history of the Green Bay Packers-Bears rivalry before Thursday night’s game to kick off the NFL’s 100th season.

There’s a quick-hit teaser on Twitter, but the real fun is the five-minute version on YouTube. 

There’s some friendly trash talking, bacon, a reference to the “Ditka Trophy” and a pretty good Bears-delivered dig about 1919 (“a historically atrocious year, because it saw the birth of the two great evils of the 20th century, the Packers and Prohibition”). But when “Da Bears!” guys refuse to believe which team won more championships in the 1960s or Favre’s record against the Bears, they turn to a virtual assistant named Mary Pat to sort out the facts.

“Bret Favre threw an almost impossible 336 career interceptions, often in crucial situations,” she says when asked about Favre’s greatest records.

“That’s nothing to sneeze at, Dale Jr.,” they tell him. (They also call Favre “Jim Bob” and “the bumpkin.”)

Since Favre is no stranger to making a buck off his celebrity status — jeans, lawn mowers, razor endorsements — they suggest he gives fans something he’s actually known for, “back-breaking interceptions.”

They introduce the 2019 Brett Favre Interception Calendar, which features a No. 4 interception a day, complete with details on where he threw it and “how many people witnessed this terrible toss.”

Favre says he already has something he’s promoting: He pulls out the Bears kicker teddy bear, this time with its own goal post. When the Bears fans claim they have no idea what the whole “double doink” thing is, they ask Mary Pat.

Her response: “A double doink is when Brett Favre is sacked and intercepted on the same play. A double doink.”

When she continues to rattle off stats about how many times Favre was sacked in his career, he picks up the device and launches it at the stadium, only to have it caught by a passing bird.

“Intercepted! Time to start a new calendar, my friend.”

No matter which side of the rivalry football fans are on, can we all agree that if the Packers-Bears game turns out to be half as much fun as “SNF’s” promotional campaign has been leading up to it, everybody wins?


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