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Bears change practice schedule after courier snafu

The Bears delayed the start of Wednesday’s practice by four hours because of a problem with the courier tasked with delivering the team’s latest round of coronavirus tests to the NFL’s lab.

The Bears practice at Halas Hall in September.
The Bears practice at Halas Hall in September.
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Bears crossed another crazy item off their 2020 bingo card Wednesday when they were forced to delay practice by two hours and change it to an indoor walk-through. The reason: the Bears’ round of coronavirus tests never made it to the NFL’s laboratory after they gave them to an independent courier service.

The Bears had to retake their tests. They didn’t practice until they had the results, which Nagy said were all negative.

“It is disruptive, it’s disappointing, frustrating,” Nagy said. “But, then again, it’s been 2020 — and we just gotta have that mentality of being able to adjust and move on.”

The Bears held the walk-through instead of their regular Wednesday practice, which typically focuses on first and second downs.

“Obviously it’s a very important week with where we’re at right now,” Nagy said. “So you’ve gotta balance, too, making sure you’re getting the correct practice in and then mentally, physically, and you also have to ... put your players’ safety and health as the No. 1 thing above all of this.”