Polling Place: Is Bears QB Andy Dalton an upgrade over Nick Foles, Mitch Trubisky?

One year. Ten million dollars. And all the Dalton Bears fans can stand. Can you feel the excitement?

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Bears fans seem to be — how to put this? — less than excited about Dalton.

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One year. Ten million dollars. And all the Andy Dalton Bears fans can stand.

Can you feel the excitement?

In this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we took respondents’ temperatures after the Bears signed Dalton to pilot their offense in 2021. Let’s just say general manager Ryan Pace’s move didn’t go over so well.

“I choose to boycott the Bears’ upcoming season,” @reesetheone1 commented. “There are other teams to watch. I’m content watching the Bulls constantly blow double-digit leads and lose games they should have won.”

But seriously, folks.

So whom would they rather have for one season: Dalton, veteran backup Nick Foles or the gone-for-good Mitch Trubisky?

“If these were my choices,” @LTWujek wrote, “I’d just punt it on every down.”

Rim shot, anyone?

“Just snap it into an open backfield and let it bounce around,” @DL2379 offered. “Probably as effective as having one of them catch it.”

Sheesh. It’s almost like Bears fans are tired of never having a franchise quarterback.

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: If you had to choose one of these QBs to lead a team in 2021, whom would it be?

Upshot: Well, well, look who ran away with it. Perhaps the Bears should’ve hung on to Trubisky and built their future around him? Would it have been too soon for a statue of him outside Soldier Field? “If Mitch were the new guy coming in and Andy just left, the numbers would be reversed,” @wrote @rrt_nps. “This fanbase is a joke!” The grass is always greener on the other side of the Outer Drive.

Poll No. 2: If Dalton is the Bears’ starter in 2021, what will be their ceiling?

Upshot: Who are these people who answered A or B? What is it like on their planet? Does everyone eat sunshine and spit rainbows? Whoever they are, they have little in common with @JBIRD1268, who wrote, “I predict 2-14.” That’s cold-blooded. It also better be an overstatement. Besides, there are reports out that the NFL might go to a 17-game regular season this year. No 2-15 cracks!

Poll No. 3: The Bears reportedly offered three first-round picks, a third-rounder and two players to Seattle for QB Russell Wilson. Good thing or bad thing the Seahawks nixed it?

Upshot: Clearly, a majority of respondents disagree with the notion that the Bears would’ve been mortgaging their future to get their arms around one of the elite performers in the NFL. And really, what would we know around here about the dangers of overpaying for — or anything else related to having — a superstar at the most important position in sports?

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