Alderman candidate sorry for threats during ‘drunken breakdown’

SHARE Alderman candidate sorry for threats during ‘drunken breakdown’
SHARE Alderman candidate sorry for threats during ‘drunken breakdown’

Only days after filing the paperwork to enter the 27th Ward race and try to unseat Ald. Walter Burnett Jr., Gabe Beukinga is already facing his first campaign crisis, fueled by “drunken breakdown” where he threatened to “crush” a major developer in that ward, who he says engages in “pay to play” politics.

Beukinga is Senior Vice President at SomerCor 504, which helps small businesses secure Small Business Administration loans and his election bid has the backing of former 27th Ward Ald. Rickey Hendon, Wallace Davis Jr. and Dexter Watson

DNAinfo Chicago has obtained emails sent from Beukinga to a Sterling Bay executive; the first one being fired off at 2:59 a.m. on Friday.

Remember when you guys were too scared to support me and gave money to Burnett, he wrote. I won’t forget. Three minutes later, Beukinga warned Gloor, I also have ears everywhere, so I hope you’re playing your cards right [because] we haven’t met and I can be a mean person.

A half-hour later, Beukinga said once in office, he’d “crush” the developer.

Before I crush you guys for disrespecting me, I’ll let you review my marketing program, Beukinga wrote. Play [your] cards right, bud. I don’t like what you guys have done so far and won’t put up with it when I’m in. So, I’ll give you guys a chance to fix the ‘pay to play’ you guys have done so far. I have zero tolerance for it when I’m in, he continued.

Gloor’s response at 9 a.m. Friday morning? “Really?”

Beukinga replied and apologized to Gloor, saying he had a “drunken breakdown” and it was “very immature.”

Beukinga told DNAinfo prior to Thursday night, he had been sober for about a year.

Burnett said while Beukinga “needs to stop drinking or whatever he’s doing,” he’s also “going to pray for that brother.”

Via DNAinfo Chicago

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