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The Must List for Thursday, May 8, 2014

CTU chief Karen Lewis gets weight-loss surgery, eyes mayor’s race

Sneed hears that indomitable Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s nemesis, has decided to tackle a tough personal issue.

An architect of Quinn’s troubled crime program now running Rahm’s

The head of a new city alliance with business titans to reduce gun violence in Chicago was one of the architects of the governor’s scandal-plagued Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

Emanuel orders police bodyguards to slow down

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he’s ordered his police bodyguards to slow down and stop running red lights after two vehicles in the mayor’s motorcade were caught on camera speeding and blowing through stoplights.

Judge: Ex-Rep. Farnham, facing child porn charge, can’t use patio

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Gilbert said the measure was necessary to protect the public because the patio at Farnham’s condo is shared with a family that has a 7-year-old boy.

Quinn, Rauner trade jabs in separate talks with business leaders

Appearing before state business leaders, Gov. Pat Quinn zinged Republican Bruce Rauner Wednesday for not offering voters his own state budget proposal while Rauner needled the governor for treating businesses like a “piggy bank to be broken into whenever money’s needed.”


Establishment GOP vs. tea party battle far from over (CNN)

Texas incumbent creates attack ad set to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ (Early & Often)

Rubio Slams Charlie Crist Over GOP Racism Remark: ‘Even Democrats Will Be Embarrassed That Charlie Crist Became A Democrat’ (The Daily Caller)

Only one federal employee laid off in 2013, report shows (Early & Often)

Hillary Clinton: No Reason To Continue Benghazi Investigations (Talking Points Memo)

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