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Police: Man caught burglarizing car in Evanston

Jimmy Palomo | photo from Evanston police

(EVANSTON) A man caught checking car doors and rummaging through a vehicle was arrested early Tuesday in north suburban Evanston.

Jimmy Palomo, 22, was charged with felony burglary to vehicle after his arrest about 12:15 a.m. in the 1100 block of Elmwood, Evanston police said.

Someone called police saying a man was checking the handles of car doors on the block, a statement from police said. When officers arrived, they saw a car with its driver’s side door open and Palomo picking though items inside.

He tried to run, but was arrested at the corner of Crain and Darrow, police said. Nothing was taken, but Palomo later admitted breaking into the vehicle to take property.

Palomo, of the 1400 block of Chicago Avenue in Evanston, is expected to appear for a bond hearing Wednesday at the Skokie courthouse.