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United Center to fans: ‘Hospital-grade disinfectant’ to be used on armrests as precaution against coronavirus

United Center exec promises fans the Near West Side arena will feature lots and lots of hand sanitizer and disinfectant — in addition to hockey and basketball.

The United Center
The United Center

Hoping to allay coronavirus fears and keep fans in seats, the folks who run the United Center said Monday that the building is getting “cleaned and sanitized” before and after every event.

“Our professionals are using hospital-grade disinfectant and continually wiping down all surfaces, such as countertops, door handles and armrests,” according to a letter addressed to “fans and visitors” that was signed by United Center Executive Vice President Terry Savarise and distributed Monday.

“We have also added multiple hand sanitation stations at all entrances and in high-traffic areas of the arena. And, of course, soap and cleaning products will be overstocked in all bathrooms for visitor use,” the letter stated.

Special focus will be given to seating areas. Spaces used by players and staff will receive “similar enhanced measures and attention.”

More than 3 million visitors attend events at the United Center annually, the letter noted.

“The United Center will continue to host events as scheduled and we look forward to seeing you soon,” the letter stated.