How has the pandemic changed your shopping habits? What Chicagoans told us.

Getting in early. Ordering more essentials online or for curbside pickup. Making a plan in order to avoid browsing. That’s some of what we heard.

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Customers shop at a Target store in Chicago.

Customers shop at a Target store in Chicago. Many people still shop in person, but online ordering and curbside pickup have grown.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

We asked readers how your shopping habits have changed over the past year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“I arrive just when the doors open. Out in 30 minutes. No longer do I roam or just look. I hit three stores, and I’m usually home two hours after I left.” — Maria Guerrero-Suarez

“Fewer big-box stores like Petco, Target or Walmart. More online purchases like Amazon or Chewy. Bulk buying at Costco is nice to cut down on trips out. Been buying monthly shares of meat for pickup and weekly bread for delivery. Ordering out once a week to keep local restaurants alive.” — Jeff Niebres

I wear a mask — other than that, nothing has changed. I still go in to the stores and pick out my household’s food.” — Bianca Williams

“A lot more Amazon and no store browsing, just in and out quickly. I miss the casual browsing!” — Beverly Hajek Cooper

“Get in and get out. Purposeful. No browsing. List in hand. No more than twice a week if possible.” — Delores Graham

I shop the way I always did, no change: in person! I need to see what I’m buying rather than have someone pick out meats and veggies. In the beginning, it was the only place I could go to get out of the house. I did not get COVID despite going everywhere. Live your life.” — Carol Fox

“My daughter does all the shopping, so it worked out really well for me, [being] in the high-risk group. I can’t wait until it’s safe enough to go back out.” — Jo Ann Fields

“We never really ordered online before COVID. But since COVID, they’ve made it so easy and convenient. I still mask up and hit the grocery store once or twice a week, but I get out much faster since I’m only buying produce, for the most part. We order most paper and cleaning products, etc., online and have it delivered right to the door.” — John Burrow

“I haven’t. I still go to the store like I normally would.” — Jackie Waldhier

“I still shop in store, but I definitely make a list and stick to it. I buy what I need but in bulk so I don’t need to shop as much. Freezer bags are in major use; I split up packages of meat to use for more than one meal. But I’m in and out.” — Sharon D. Lewis

I live with my senior parents, and I’ve been relying solely on curbside pickup for months. It is convenient — though there’s been hiccups with my orders, they’ve always made it right.” — Juan Martinez

Order online or curbside pickup. Leave large tips when I do order groceries online or takeout from restaurants.” — Cece Stronach

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