Video shows cops fatally shoot man who stabbed officer

The knife-wielding man, identified as 34-year-old Shaon Jermy Ochea Warner, was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said at the time.

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COPA released a video of police shooting a knife-wielding man on Sept. 5 near 49th Street and Lavergne Avenue.


The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released body-worn camera footage Thursday that shows a man stabbing a cop in her protective vest before other officers fire a series of fatal shots at him.

Officers initially responded to a call of a stabbing early Sept. 5 near 49th Street and Lavergne Avenue. The knife-wielding man, identified as 34-year-old Shaon Jermy Ochea Warner, was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said at the time.

In the video, witnesses report an interaction with a man armed with a knife. The officers later show up at Vittum Park, where they encounter Warner.

“Put your goddamn hands up. Don’t be reaching for nothing,” one officer shouts before Warner starts walking toward another cop while holding what appears to be a butcher’s knife.

The officer Warner was approaching then deploys her stun gun and temporarily incapacitates him.

After Warner appears to rip off the stun gun’s prongs, he rushes the officer and appears to stab her in the vest as she cries out. An officer shouts, “Drop the goddamn knife!”

Two other officers then unload a quick succession of around 15 shots before Warner’s falls to the ground, the video shows. As Warner appears to lay lifeless on the ground, the officers place him into handcuffs as the cop who was attacked insists that she’s “fine.”

In a statement, COPA said its “investigation into the officer’s actions, including use of deadly force, is in its early stages and will determine if the actions of the officers are in accordance with Department policy and training.”

Video, audio and other documents related to the shooting were released 26 days after the incident, COPA spokesman Ephraim Eaddy noted. The disclosure comes just two weeks after Chicago’s inspector general issued a report detailing the agency’s repeated failure to meet the 60-day deadline to release those types of materials in other incidents involving officers’ use of force.


Another tense exchange captured on video

Another incident that’s captured between the initial witness statements and the shooting shows officers take down another person and threaten to use a stun gun.

“You didn’t have to do all that s - - -,” the person says as he’s being placed in a police SUV.

An officer then slams the door on him. A short time later, a police supervisor asks what the person who was detained did and officers are unable to offer an answer.

“You just said he was involved,” the supervisor says, clearly confused.

After an officer tells the person who was detained to “relax” so they can “figure this all out,” he calls the cop “a b - - - -.”

“Yeah, I’m a b - - - -,” another officer shoots back. “Yeah, I’m Black as hell. I’m Black as the ace of spades, motherf - - - - -.”

As the officer continues to goad the detainee, he claims the officers are hassling him “for no f - - - - - - reason.”

Moments later, officers pull up to the park and find Warner. The officer who was arguing with the detainee appears to be one of the officers who fired the fatal shots.

That officer later returns to the SUV and apologizes to the person being detained.

“That dude had a knife. He was stabbing sarge ... I know it ain’t you, man. Like I said, you got my sincerest apologies ... Give me your number and I’ll make it right, I promise,” the officer says to the detainee.

After telling other officers that he “grabbed some other dude,” he goes back and talks to the detainee again.

“I’ll make this right. I didn’t mean to do that ... I ain’t trying to do motherf - - - - - - wrong,” the officer says.

When the officer asks for the detainee’s name, the video obscures it with a long beep.

Eaddy said COPA is “looking into the actions of the officer and actively investigating.” A police spokeswoman wouldn’t comment, citing the ongoing COPA probe.

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