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Report: Cubs’ Marquee Sports Network asking $4 per month to providers to carry it

Combined with NBC Sports Chicago’s carriage fee, the two networks could cost area consumers almost $13 per month, according to the Tribune.

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
Starting in February, almost all Cubs games will air on Marquee Sports Network. The team is working with cable and satellite providers to add the channel to their lineups.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cubs’ new TV network, Marquee Sports Network, is working to add the channel into cable and satellite lineups, and that could add $4 per month to customers’ bills whether they want it or not, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The network, which is scheduled to launch in February, will be the exclusive local TV home of Cubs games. National networks Fox and ESPN still will carry some games that won’t air on Marquee, but roughly 30 spring-training games and 150 regular-season games will air on the channel.

The Cubs are working with Sinclair Broadcast Group to distribute Marquee, which will join NBC Sports Chicago as a local regional sports network. Combined, they could cost area consumers almost $13 in carriage costs, according to the Tribune.