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‘Sinking Titanic’ slide makes another appearance at a Chicago street fest, for some reason

An inflatable slide that looks like the sinking Titanic keeps popping up at Chicago events, including one this past weekend.

Since the sinking of the Titanic more than 100 years ago, the maritime tragedy has been etched into our collective memory, in large part thanks to a mid-90s blockbuster movie that turned the ill-fated voyage into a thrilling epic of romance and disaster.

These days, kids in Chicago apparently have another way to remember the Titanic: a giant inflatable slide that keeps showing up at local street fairs, including one that happened last weekend in Roscoe Village.

Now, you might think, hey, that’s kind of bizarre that there’s a fun, bouncy slide shaped like an ocean liner that sank in one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

But from even some cursory online research, it turns out the slide that’s shaped like the sinking Titanic — which, again, looks like a ship that sank in a disaster that killed over 1,500 people — isn’t anything new.

Here’s a 2016 post from a street fair in Chinatown, where people lined up to slide down the Titanic:

And a year later, here’s someone posting the Titanic slide from a hot dog festival:

If the hot dog fest got the Titanic slide, apparently the taco fest had to get it, too:

So the slide is very real, and people must like it because it keeps showing up. This is certainly one way to keep the memory of the Titanic alive.