Top Ten reasons for local Democrats to feel good about election

SHARE Top Ten reasons for local Democrats to feel good about election
SHARE Top Ten reasons for local Democrats to feel good about election

Bruce Rauner will be our new governor, and his supporters deserve their opportunity to crow this week.


But Pat Quinn still managed to receive in the neighborhood of 1.6 million votes, more than half of them right here in Cook County, and that leaves a lot of my readers licking their wounds.

In the interest of showing we take elections seriously here, but ourselves less so, I am offering 10 reasons for Quinn voters to find consolation in Tuesday’s defeat (with a little help from my Facebook friends.)

Reason 1—Somebody New to Blame: Never underestimate the value of having a Republican in power to blame for all the stuff in government that inevitably goes wrong. Do you remember that sinking feeling when you realized we couldn’t legitimately blame George Bush any longer for stuff happening on Barack Obama’s watch?

Reason 2—Home Repairs: The historic governor’s mansion in Springfield is falling apart, and the state doesn’t have the dough to fix it up. Enter the new occupant, who has promised to take up residence and has plenty of his own money to make the necessary repairs along with lots of friends who might want to help do it for him. Good for us. It’s the “people’s house,” and Rauner’s lease is short-term.

Reason 3—The Look: Can you imagine the look on Rauner’s face the first time House Speaker Mike Madigan refuses to take his phone call? For a week? Longer? I can. Priceless.

Reason 4—The Other Look: How about the look on Rauner’s face the first time he complains publicly about Madigan not moving his legislation, causing the powerful Democratic leader to respond by bringing it immediately to a vote, where Rauner’s plan will fail spectacularly in part because Republican legislators will take a powder? That’s how Madigan dealt with Democratic governors. Welcome to The Show, Bruce.


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